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Tent A/C

Tent Air Conditioners at Cabaret Party Rental

Hot time in the City? Don’t give up on the beautiful New York summer as a potential wedding day, festival or other special event for fear of the heat. Whether you’re planning your event on Long Island’s waterfront park, the Bronx Zoo’s garden or one of the many beautiful mansions in the area, a Cabaret Party tent rental can keep your guests cool and comfortable by adding air conditioning.

Advantages of Air Conditioned Tents

Event planners and corporate executives love working with the event specialists at Cabaret Party Rental because of their knowledge and expertise in recommending just what you need. If you’re worried about your guests melting in the heat and humidity of the summer months, you can add sidewalls with air conditioning and cooling fans to any of our variety of tent rentals. Not only will this equipment cool down your guests, it removes excess humidity making the heat feel less hot! You can still choose from our canopy, clear top frame and high peak frame tent types along with white, clear, or windowed sidewalls. Tents will naturally protect your guests from the hot sun, but they can also be a protection if one of New York’s famous pop-up showers happens during your event.

Cooling Options at Cabaret Party Rental

Cabaret offers three different tent air conditioning options, depending on your cooling needs:
Fans. Cabaret can add pedestal and floor fans to your tent to help circulate the air and keep your guests cooler when temperatures are mildly warm.
Portable evaporative cooling systems. These spot coolers are recommended if you only need to lower the temperature less than 20 degrees. They blow out a cool mist that hits your hot skin and then cools it when it evaporates. They don’t require as much electricity and can disperse cool air up to 100 feet. Clearly, these are not recommended for formal affairs.
Portable air conditioners. For more formal occasions, opt for the portable air conditioners. These units will drop the temperature inside your tent 30 to 40 degrees and will also reduce the humidity levels. They come with a thermostat so that you can adjust the temperature inside the tent.

Cool Down with Cabaret Party Rental’s A/C Add-On Today!

Count on our event specialists at Cabaret to help you discover what type of air conditioning you need for your tent event. We will evaluate your tent size, number of guests, power supplies available and ductwork and then set up your system and get it working before your event begins. We also work to make the air conditioning system as quiet and non-invasive as possible. Find out more at 718.356.8500 or 212.534.TENT or request a quote online. We look forward to helping you plan the perfect cool event. Literally.

Tent A/C