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Heated Tent Rentals

Winter Party Tent Rentals in New York City

There is not a more beautiful place to hold a party than New York City. But when the skies turn gray and the temperatures begin to drop, you may be apprehensive about planning an outdoor event. Let the party experts at Cabaret Party Rental alleviate all your fears. Our heated tents will not only protect your guests from the elements like rain, sleet and snow, they will keep your guests toasty warm no matter what the northeastern weather brings.

Renting a Heated Tent

Whether it’s your own backyard, or a spot in Central Park, our heated tents can warm up even the chilliest night. Your guests will love the inviting warmth of our heated tents at your next holiday party. Or ring in the New Year with confidence, knowing no cold is too cold for our powerful heaters. And, you don’t have to put off holding that family or company social event waiting for the spring to arrive.

Advantages of Heated Tents

Versatile Protection From The Cold

Event planners love Cabaret Party Rental, for our variety of sizes, types and colors of tents. No matter what size your party, we have the tent that will fit your needs and your budget. And, to protect your guests from the unpredictable New York cold, you can add a variety of side panels to your tent choice, along with a heater, for full waterproof, heated protection. You’re sure to get the look you want by selecting from canopy, clear top frame and high peak frame tent types along with white, clear, or windowed sidewalls. Let us help shelter your guests in style.

Powerful Heating Capacity

At Cabaret Party Rental, we’re not providing your guests with those small, mostly ineffective table top heaters. Our Director 300 tent heaters are are vented and indirectly fire 259,000 BTUH of heat to keep your guests comfortably warm. With an easy-to-use thermostat, you can adjust the heat to your guest’s preferences. This ductable heater features a fuel-saving, high-efficiency heat exchanger. And with nearly a 28 gallon fuel capacity, it gives your event up to 13 hours of uninterrupted warmth. This is the ideal heater for supplying your guests dry, clean, heated air into tents for parties, work areas or any other event.

Convenient Setup

When you rent any tent from Cabaret Party Rental, you never have to worry about setting things up correctly and having your tent ready for your guests. Our qualified installers take all the worry out of setting up your tent and installing your heater in the exact location you desire. We’ll show you how to control the thermostat and make sure you are comfortable with the process before leaving the premises.


Heated tents are the answer you’ve been looking for to make your cold-weather events a success. The same quality tents that you can rent for weddings, reunions, corporate events, festivals and reunions can be transformed into a warm-weather paradise during those cold New York City winters.

Rent Your Cabaret Party Tent Today

Our customer service team is standing by now waiting for your call to schedule a heated tent rental for your next New York City winter event. Give us a call today at our New York City office at (718) 356-8500. We’re here to answer all of your questions and make sure you fully understand the many tent options we have. You can get a quote over the phone, or use our convenient online message form to request a quote. We look forward to keeping the parties going this winter in our cozy, heated tents.

Heated Tent Rentals