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Tent Sidewalls

Add Sidewalls To Enhance Your Tent

With the many tent choices we have at Cabaret Party Rental, you are sure to find the style that fits your event, season and budget. But don’t stop there. With the changing New York City weather, you’ll want to get the most protection and functionality from your tent. We have a variety of sides or sidewalls that you may want to add to your tent choice. Sidewalls are important for keeping the elements away from your guests like wind, rain, cold and heat. They can also help separate different areas of an event, give a private space for your guests, reduce the invasion of bugs and pests, and shield event goers from the elements.

Types Of Sidewalls At Cabaret Party Rental

  • Solid White Sidewalls – If you need or want privacy at your event, or you want to protect what’s inside your tent from rain or wind, solid white sidewalls are your best choice. These sidewalls, made from commercial-grade heavy vinyl, can also provide dividing lines to separate spaces or hide unattractive equipment in a “backstage” area of your event. White sidewalls will make the inside of your tent darker and you can also use a blockout material to further reduce outside light.
  • Clear Sidewalls – These clear vinyl walls are one of our most requested types of sidewalls because it gives your guests the best of both worlds. They can see through the sides to view the beautiful New York City area location you’ve selected for your event, but they are still able to party at a comfortable temperature using our air-conditioned options. They are also protected from the elements of wind or rain and insects. The inside of your tent will be brighter compared to using a solid white wall, as they allow the outside light in.
  • Window Sidewalls – If you’re having trouble deciding between the privacy of solid sidewalls and the openness of clear sidewalls, these arched-panel window sidewalls may be your perfect compromise. The look allows the ambient light in, allows your guests limited views outside, and effectively imitates the look of a ballroom or a house. Window sidewalls provide the same protection as our solid sidewalls as they are secured to the base.
  • Mesh Sidewalls – Mesh sidewalls are the newest entry into our sidewall collection and can be quite versatile. They are constructed from a coated mesh fabric and the allow airflow on all sides while keeping out most insects and any blowing leaves or debris. These sidewalls can deflect light rain or drizzle, but they will not protect against downpours or blowing rain. You can use them in conjunction with any of the other types of walls to have a solid blocking wall, if you choose. Mesh sidewalls can also be custom-printed with any full color design or image to personalize and/or brand your event in a unique and memorable way.

Sidewall Installation

Once you’ve selected your sidewall type, you should think about how you would like the sidewalls installed and secured:

  • We install and close. Our Cabaret Party Rental tent experts will fully install your tent and the sidewalls and close the entire tent up so that you are protected from the elements. You or the event host would then unlock and open the sections of the sidewall you would like before your event begins.
  • Host-installs. If you choose this option, Cabaret will deliver your sidewall panels to your New York City event site in bags and the host will install the sidewall themselves, as needed.
  • We install, drape, & tie. This option is usually a good trade-off between the above two options. Cabaret tent installation experts will install the tent and all of the sidewalls. Then, we will pull the sidewalls back and tie them like drapes to the side pulls. Then, if the weather turns unpleasant, all you have to do is release the ties and seal to protect your guests.
  • Securing the bottom. Fastening the bottom of the sidewall with rope or wooden boards to prevent it from flapping in the wind is not automatically done at every installation. Request this additional step, if you desire, but remember, water can still come in under the sidewall in a heavy storm.

Call New York City’s Party Experts

To find out all of your options for tents, sidewalls, and the many other party rentals that will make your event a success, call our party planning experts at  (718) 356-8500 or get a quote online. At Cabaret Party Rental, we’ve been helping people just like you plan successful weddings, corporate events, family reunions and more for more than 35 years. We also offer on-site tent specialists that can watch over your event and be there to take care of any changes you want to make in your tent sidewalls so you don’t have to. Choose Cabaret Party Rental for all of your New York City party planning needs.

Tent Sidewalls