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Canopy Tents

Party Tent Rentals in New York City

What better place to plan an outdoor party but in the beautifully, sparkling City of New York? Whether you’re planning a daytime or evening event, the experts at Cabaret Party Rental can ease the worries of dealing with the elements. They’ll help you select the perfect tent and set it up for your event quickly and safely.

Canopy Tent Rental

On a tight budget for your next party? If your New York City party is on grass, we can provide you with an affordable canopy tent. This type of tent is less sturdy than our frame tents but will do the job for a small gathering. Canopy tents have poles throughout the middle of the tent and may not withstand the weather conditions that frame tents can. But they also have several advantages.

Advantages of Canopy Tents

Protection From The Elements

In New York City, the weather can be pretty unpredictable. No matter what the forecast, a canopy tent from Cabaret Party Rental can protect you from the sun, rain, snow, sleet, hail, or even mild wind storm! Your guests will feel more comfortable out of the elements as they attend a wide variety of social events under the shelter. Due to the variety of sizes, you can even cover large parties and patio furniture. In case of rain, the shape of the tent also creates a basin for the rain water to stay inside which prevents any leaking from the sides.


A canopy tent from Cabaret Party Rental offers the most versatile choice of any type of tent. There are a variety of colors which makes them a favorite, especially for event planners. They come in a multitude of shapes and sizes so you can rent just the size you need based on the number of guests you are expecting and any tables or chairs you need to accommodate. With the tall, spiked centers where the inside poles attach, the canopy tent offers a very festive and pleasing look to your guests.


Compared to the frame tent, the canopy tent is relatively easy and quick to set up at your event. It takes at least two installers, but Cabaret Party Rental is happy to make sure qualified installers secure your tent in the exact location you provide. The canopy tent also provides an avenue for businesses and festivals to hang banners and marketing materials from the sides and inside to grab the attention of guests or attendees. This is an important feature for many party planners.


Canopy tents are a versatile solution to many of your party tent rental needs. They can cover parties from social occasions such as weddings and reunions, to corporate parties, trade shows, festivals, and flea markets.

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Give us a call today at our New York City office at (718) 356-8500 with any questions you have about any of our party tents. We would also be happy to give you a quote using our online request form. Don’t forget, we have a huge selection of different types of tents to choose from. Let us help choose the one that meets your needs and your budget. We’re excited to help you throw the next best party in town!

Canopy Tents