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Do-It-Yourself Pop Up Tents

Quick & Small Tents in New York City

At Cabaret Party Rental, we’ve been planning every type of party imaginable for years, so we can help you select and set up the type of tent that will meet your needs, but not blow your pocketbook. If you’re on a budget but still need some quick protection from the elements, consider renting a pop-up tent.

Canopy Tent Rental

Our Pop-Up-Tents are rented in New York City on a “do-it-yourself” basis, but you’ll have this 10’ x 10’ shelter up in minutes without needing any tools. We provide all of the items you’ll need to set up the tent and you’re responsible for picking up, setting up, and returning the items back to our warehouse. These tents are not best for long term use and are not as sturdy as canopy tents or frame tents that we provide. Cabaret Party Rental cannot be responsible for any tents that are not installed by our professionals.

Advantages of Canopy Tents

The ease of use and installation speed are the primary advantages of our pop-up tents. The 10’ x 10’ frame is lightweight and the tent can create an instant shelter in a matter of minutes. The shelter from the elements is perfect for small gatherings or trade show booths. It only takes one person to set up and tear down the pop-up tents.


Our pop-up tents are perfect for outdoor trade shows and festivals where you need individual booths. They are also the most common “quick fix” for last-minute camping trips, picnics, family reunions or sporting events.

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Cabaret Party Rental is your best stop for renting a tent in New York City. Call our New York City office at (718) 356-8500 with any questions you have about any of our party tents. Get a quote using our online request form. Don’t forget, we have a huge selection of different types of tents to choose from to meet all of your party-throwing needs. Party on!

Do-It-Yourself Pop Up Tents